Gems are the game currency of the Pixel Gun 3D, which is actually premium. It looks like a ragged blue gem. You can use gems to buy weapons, equipment, and other suitable items, as well as any improvements. These include most accessories, weapons, gadgets, a lucky chest, a super incubator, pumping your pets, redeeming coins, craft items, mini-game items, as well as speeding up assemblies and improvements. These amenities allow you to get the best gaming experience. However, acquiring gemstones can be challenging. Of course, you can redeem packages with precious stones for real money, but you need to follow these methods before you go there.

Coins and Gems Hack

Generation of coins and precious stones with a generator
If you want to generate an unlimited number of gems and coins using our free method, just visit our cheat codes for Pixel Gun 3D and use the button at the top of the page. If you want to earn coins and gems yourself, just read the tips below.

9 ways to get free gems and coins without using our generator:

Kill the enemy
As soon as you kill other players, they will throw a gem by a lucky chance, you can just pick it up. Of course, this is not a reliable source of the gem, as this is a rare chance to get the gem from dead players. However, the chances may increase if you handle some of the facilities in the lobby. in multiplayer mode, the probability is less than one percent, but you should expect when you kill the player.

In essence, you can earn a gem every time you level up. The amount of gemstones may vary depending on your recent level. Lucky Chest also determines how many gems you can get for each level. Together, they can provide you with a significant amount of gemstones while you enjoy constant progress.

Sign in to social networks
Today you can get 10 gems every time you log into your social network accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. Along with precious stones, you will also get a certain skin and weapons for free. You can get up to 20 gems every time you log in through social network accounts. This may be an acceptable way to earn gems.

You can purchase free gems by watching ads. You will receive up to three gems every time you watch a video ad. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, viewing ads can be an acceptable way to purchase significant gems. Advertisements will be offered every three minutes. The more you look, the more gems you can get. Of course, there is a limit on the number of gems that you can earn every day, but this is not the only way.

You can complete the campaign to get more gems. You can also get coins when you finish the campaign.

Be the Top 100
If you are on the list of the 100 best players of the weekly tournament, you can get 50 gems after you get into the Adamant League. It also depends on how active you are in the Pixel Gun 3D environment. If you are a competitive player and enter the game every day, this will be an easy way to accumulate more gems.

Lucky chest
The former Pixel Gun 3D player recognized these chests as gift boxes. This is a random way to earn money, because you can get from three to 50 gems without confidence until you open the chest. Don’t worry about surprises, just open them and see what you have. If you use Android devices, you can get gems with a coin by opening lucky chests.

Drilling equipment
You can earn one by using Driller every day, a blue technology device that looks like a jagged driller with a blue top and yellow top. A driller will give you a gem per day, even if you skip drilling for up to three days. However, you need to give the driller a certain amount of coins. This is actually not necessary, but if you have spare coins, this device is worth spending to get more gems daily.

In-app purchases
You can definitely buy gems through in-app purchases. The amount of gemstones will depend on the packages and budget. As this article is written, you can roughly buy a dollar to get 8 gems, but when ordering large packages, a more competitive price is applied.

These methods are valid at the time of this writing. Beware of the fake bonus, which usually appears in the form of gems, but lands explosives on the other side. Get more gems and get the best experience in Pixel Gun 3D.